Wastewater treatment system for marine applications

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Clean and hygienic conditions in cabins, kitchens and sanitary facilities are important elements contributing to the efficiency and the well-being onboard. Properly treated stainless steel has a unique smooth surface that guarantees maximum flow capacity and excellent hygiene. Due to its low surface roughness, bacterial growth on stainless steel is significantly less than on, for example, plastic and ordinary steel surfaces. BLÜCHER’s stainless steel wastewater treatment system has proven its functionality and reliability in over 3,000,000 meters piping installed in more than 2,000 vessels.

A drainage solution for any deck construction
BLÜCHER has developed a complete wastewater treatment system consisting of drainage channels, drains, pipes and fittings for use onboard passenger ships, yachts, commercial and naval vessels as well as offshore platforms. The stainless steel products have been developed in a modular system to provide an optimum solution for any deck construction. The products can withstand a high degree of vibrations and function within a wide scale of temperatures.

Suitable for black and grey water systems
The BLÜCHER® EuroPipe push-fit pipework system is lightweight, easy to install and completely interchangeable between vacuum and gravity systems. In black and grey water systems, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe can be installed from the sanitary fittings to the valves just before the sewage tanks and in addition it will prevent the spreading of fire both up and down.

Approved by leading international classification authorities
The BLÜCHER wastewater treatment system carries the approval of leading international classification authorities, including ABS, BUREAU VERITAS, Lloyds Register, NK, DNV, Gl, RINA and USCG. Furthermore, the products are fire tested and MED/USCG approved to class A0-A60.