BLÜCHER drainage system for new Ekofisk platform

Ekofisk accomodation and field center platform

Ekofisk is Norway’s second biggest oil field and one of the ten biggest offshore oil fields in the world. Its discovery in 1969 sparked the oil boom in Norway. Ekofisk is located in the central part of the North Sea, 2,700 – 2,900 m beneath the seabed.

Production at the oil field started in 1971 with an oil silo, which has a base area of 2,500 m2, a height of 90 m and is surrounded by a wave-breaker. Because natural gas is delivered by Ekofisk too, a 350 km long pipeline connects the oil field with the refinery Seal Sands in North England.

In 2012, Ekofisk is estimated to produce:
Oil: 127,000 barrels/day
Gas: 1.29 billion Sm³
Natural gas liquids: 0.15 million tonnes

New accomodation and field center platform
In 2010, a new accomodation and field center platform, Ekofisk, L was approved. The platform will replace two existing platforms in Ekofisk.

SMOE, a subsidiary of Sembcorp Marine Limited, was assigned the task of engineering, procurement and construction of the 10,000 tonnes accommodation topside, one of the world’s heaviest accomodation topsides. SMOE started construction of the new accommodation and field center platform at its Singapore yard in 2010.

The platform will feature accommodation for 552 people, departments for development, construction and communication as well as two bridges, one connecting bridge and a helideck. The accommodation platform is expected to be delivered in 2013.

A complete and customized BLÜCHER solution
The accomodation platform will be fitted with a complete stainless steel drainage system from BLÜCHER. The system consists of several kilometers of piping, sizes OD50 to OD250 mm, as well as a large number of marine drains.

BLÜCHER has also supplied 147 units of fully customized floor drains with a thickness of 4mm as well as a number of customized drainage channels. BLÜCHER worked closely with SMOE to ensure their ideas and requirements were implemented in the design of the drainage system and also invested in new machinery to ensure the specifications for the Ekofisk accomodation and field center platform were met.

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Project facts 
Developer: ConocoPhilips Norway 
Designer: Aker Solutions 
Shipyard: SMOE, Singapore 


  • Topside - 10,000mt 
  • 2 Bridges - 1,000mt/900mt 
  • Bridge Connector - 900mt 

Construction period: 2010-2013  
Geography: North Sea, Greater Ekofisk Area, 300 km offshore of Stavanger, Norway 

BLÜCHER has supplied the complete drainage system including pipes, fittings, drains, channels and customized solutions.