Drains, drainage channels and pipes for industrial applications

BLÜCHER provides safe stainless steel drainage solutions removing water from production areas, bottling halls, dairies, abattoirs, laboratories, utility rooms, kitchens and changing rooms in industrial buildings.

Careful product development ensures high performance
BLÜCHER offers a wide range of floor drains, channels and pipes as standard or customized products. Every care has been taken to develop products requiring minimum maintenance whilst offering excellent hygienic properties and high flow capacity. BLÜCHER also offers an extensive range of accessories, such as the removable water trap providing easy access for cleaning and inspection and the glass separator, filter basket and sand bucket making it possible to completely avoid overloading the sewage system with unintentional discharge. Especially suitable for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry are gastight drains.

Connect directly to BLÜCHER® EuroPipe
The outlet of BLÜCHER's drains connects directly to the BLÜCHER® EuroPipe drainage pipework system. With its excellent product quality, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is able to withstand temperatures over 800 °C, is resistant to a number of commonly used chemicals and easy to maintain. The reliable push-fit system can be used for process waste and wastewater and the system is also extensively used for laboratory waste.

A complete system for above and below ground
BLÜCHER® EuroPipe can be used throughout the building, internally and externally, above and below ground. In combination with BLÜCHER roof drains, it comprises a complete stainless steel roof drainage system.