Roof drainage from BLÜCHER reduces the risk of fire

Expansion of EDEKA’s logistics and storage facility in Landsberg, Germany.

EDEKA Minden-Hannover, one of seven regional departments of the leading German supermarket corporation EDEKA, expanded its logistics and storage facility in Landsberg, Germany. The expansion doubled the total area to 30,000 m2 and the roof area doubled as well. This meant that a quick and efficient drainage of rainwater was needed.

The challenge for BLÜCHER in this project was the planning of the needed roof drainage which had to work in the pressure driven flow process. BLÜCHER® Drain Roof offers the roof drains needed for this and the well-known BLÜCHER® EuroPipe offers the required drainage pipes. Together they make up a complete stainless steel roof drainage system for gravity and siphonic roof drainage.

The advantages of stainless steel played a decisive role in the choice of BLÜCHER:

  • No corrosion and decades of resistance against sun, wind and weather.
  • The drains are compact in their design, but still have a larger or similar drainage capacity as similar systems in other materials. This means that the roof penetrations are smaller as well, thus reducing the strain on the roof.
  • The weight is lower than in similar metal systems, which makes the installation easier and contributes to reducing the strain on the roof.
  • The installation of BLÜCHER® EuroPipe is simpler and faster thanks to a lower weight than other metal systems, fewer clamps than plastic systems and the easy connection by push-fit. All contribute to BLÜCHER’s competitive advantage.
  • Reduces the risk of fire. All BLÜCHER® products are in stainless steel and are therefore non-flammable. This is a key advantage in comparison to plastic systems, which may be made from e.g. PE (polyethylene).

BLÜCHER supplied BLÜCHER® Drain Roof roof drains in OD50 and OD70 as well as drainage pipes in dimensions from OD40 to OD200 for the EDEKA project.