Roof drainage for IKEA

VVS Søberg, one of Denmark’s leading plumbing contractors, has installed a BLÜCHER® Roof Drainage system in the new IKEA store in Aarhus, Denmark. A quick work process makes a real difference according to Per Johansson, Project Manager at VVS Søberg.

The construction of the new 31,500 m2 IKEA store will replace the existing IKEA store in Aarhus. Whereas IKEA today has 14,000 m2 and a separate 5,000 m2 warehouse, the new construction will have everything under one roof.

The new IKEA store will be the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly IKEA store in Denmark, among others through a better management of electricity, heat and water, a facility to recycle food waste for biogas, and 3,000 m2 of solar cells on the roof which are expected to cover 10-15 % of the store’s electricity consumption.

Easy to handle and install
BLÜCHER has supplied drainage channels and a complete roof drainage system consisting of stainless steel roof drains for bitumen and pipes. VVS Søberg has handled the installation of BLÜCHER’s products - plumber Anders Arents explains what it is like to work with the roof drainage system:

”It has been easy for us to work with BLÜCHER’s stainless roof drainage system. As an example, we’ve had the advantage of not being dependent on completely dry materials. In addition, there is no waiting when the joints are done. Because the materials are the same as in a traditional stainless drainage installation, they are generally easily available, if it’s necessary to make changes in the work process. These things have made it a positive experience to work with the system.”

A quick work process makes a real difference
Per Johansson, Project Manager at VVS Søberg emphasizes the quick work process as one of the advantages of BLÜCHER’s roof drainage system:

“We’ve successfully applied BLÜCHER’s stainless roof drainage system for project “New IKEA Aarhus”. The system has proved highly functional and among the advantages is a quick work process. This makes a real difference, as we’re increasingly met with compressed timetables, which make quick installation necessary. Due to the quick installation, a single plumber has carried out the work, and we’ve therefore had the possibility of using the extra resources elsewhere. Additionally, BLÜCHER has been very flexible in relation to the handling of the case and adapted changes.”

Demolished DIY store to stabilize
The new IKEA store is being built on the existing store’s neighboring lot. This was previously the location of a DIY store, which has been demolished. The concrete from the demolishment has been crushed and used to stabilize the new store. IKEA’s existing store will also be demolished and this area will serve as a parking facility instead.

The project has a total budget of DKK 400 m and is expected to be completed in April/May 2014, so the new IKEA store can open in the summer 2014.

Project facts
Developer: IKEA
Architect: Mangor & Nagel A/S
Engineer: Moe & Brødsgaard A/S
Plumbing: VVS Søberg A/S
Size: 31,500 m2
Products: BLÜCHER® Drain Roof, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe and BLÜCHER® Channel
Construction period: 2013-2014
Location: Aarhus, Denmark