Half the time with BLÜCHER® EuroPipe

Postens Terminal Berger, Norway

In June 2010 Norway’s largest storage hotel in Berger, north of Oslo, was completed. Behind the construction is the company Bulk Eiendom AS, which works with establishment, development, and ownership of properties for storage, logistics, and production.

The storage hotel is 42,000 m2 and has room for around 82,000 pallets. The building will be used as a logistics centre for Bring Warehousing, which offers services within storage and handling of goods. Bring, part of Posten Norge, was part of the process from the beginning and could therefore influence the project according to the company’s needs.

The Norwegian plumbing company Aug Larsen AS was chosen to handle the plumbing contract. Part of the assignment was the installation of roof drainage on the large building. Almost 2,500 m of pipes were to be connected to ca 120 roof drains.

Terje Hals, Daily Manager at Aug Larsen, had originally planned to use cast iron pipes for the roof drainage system, but after talking to BLÜCHER Norway he chose BLÜCHER® EuroPipe.

“Piping is traditionally that part of the plumbing contract which takes up the most time. The original plan was 2,000 man-hours for installation of cast iron pipes”, says Torstein Røsholt, Product Responsible at BLÜCHER Norway. “So we guaranteed Aug Larsen that if they chose our stainless steel pipes, they would be able to do the job in just 1,000 man-hours.”

It turned out that the roof drainage system was completely installed after just 800 man-hours. A delightful result for Terje Hals: “The EuroPipe-pipes are much lighter, so they can be handled by just one man. That saved us a lot of heavy lifting and made it possible for us to work more efficiently.”

Torstein Røsholt emphasises that the total costs and not the material cost were in focus. “In addition to being quicker to install, our pipes also added a better working environment as they put less strain on the installers. Also, the stainless EuroPipe-pipes will last as long as the building, because they won’t rust away”, Torstein Røsholt says.


Project facts 
Developer: Bulk Eiendom AS 
Plumbing contractor: Aug Larsen AS (Bravida Norge AS)
Size: 42,000 m2 
Products: BLÜCHER® EuroPipe

  • Ca 2,500 m for roof drainage
  • Ca 1,000 fittings

Construction period: 2008-2010 
Geography: Norway