First BLÜCHER siphonic roof drainage project in Turkey

For the construction of the 5-star Hyatt Regency Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey, BLÜCHER’s siphonic stainless steel roof drainage system was chosen ahead of a cast iron system.

The architects of the Hyatt Regency Hotel were just about to close a deal for a conventional cast iron system, when Dorukkaya Engineering Co. Inc presented the BLÜCHER system. “We only had one chance to convince the customer”, says Mr. Akdemir, chairman of Dorukkaya Engineering. “The samples from BLÜCHER were enough to convince the customer about the quality”, Mr. Akdemir continues. “They decided not to use a competing cast iron system because of the need for a non-combustible system, Class A1. When they saw the alternative to cast iron with higher quality and the possibility to apply it as a siphonic system as well, they gave us the green light.”

This marked not only BLÜCHER’s first siphonic roof drainage project in Turkey, but also Dorukkaya Engineering’s first project. “Because it was our first project as a newly established company, and also our first stainless steel roof drainage project, we were happy with the assistance from the sales team at BLÜCHER”, Mr. Akdemir adds.

Long-term perspective
The management team at the engineering firm APEAS emphasized the easy installation, the reduced need for pipe hangers and especially the long product lifetime as important, in both a time and cost perspective. “Installation was easier than cast iron and the installer enjoyed assembling the system. We had no difficulties during the installation - this being our first project. And we haven’t heard any negative feedback after the project’s completion”, Mr. Akdemir says.

“I enjoy working with high quality products, such as BLÜCHER. We believe that with reference projects, such as Hyatt, BLÜCHER will be a real competitor to the traditional cast iron systems in future high standard projects”, Mr. Akdemir concludes.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel is a 5-star hotel with 284 luxury guest rooms, including 30 suites with panoramic views of the Marmara Sea. The hotel offers restaurants, spa area, fitness center and swimming pools as well as meeting and event facilities.

Project facts
Owner: Tavros Investment Holding 
Advisor: APEAS Engineering, Construction, Contracting and Foreign Trade Co.Inc. 
Installer: Dorukkaya Mühendislik Co.Inc. 
Products: 40 and 200 mm BLÜCHER® EuroPipe, bends and BLÜCHER® Drain Roof siphonic roof drains 
Installation time: 3 months 
Location: İstanbul, Turkey