Complete solution for Danish emergency hospital

BLÜCHER has supplied a complete solution for the drainage system and roof drainage in connection with the expansion of the emergency hospital in Aabenraa in Southern Denmark, Aabenraa Sygehus. WICOTEC KIRKEBJERG, a leading Danish plumbing firm, has been in charge of the installation of BLÜCHER’s roof drainage system, and they highlight the short installation time of the pipe installation.

A large expansion is underway at Sygehus Sønderjylland (Hospital of Southern Jutland) in Aabenraa. The hospital will go from 25,600 m2 to 69,600 m2 in two construction phases. Phase 1 includes a so-called family house with pediatrics and maternity ward, expanded operating rooms and a new emergency department. Phase 2 will include new rooms, outpatient departments and a new intensive care unit.

Integrated Design Process
The overall plan for Aabenraa Sygehus is based on an Integrated Design Process. The process entails an interdisciplinary co-operation on sustainability between the advisor, developer, hospital staff and other stakeholders. By including all groups at an early stage, the process aims to create sustainable solutions and reduce the total cost of the construction.

Installation time reduces total costs
BLÜCHER has supplied the entire drainage and roof drainage system for phase 1 of Aabenraa Sygehus. The plumbing firm in charge of ventilation and plumbing, WICOTEC KIRKEBJERG, had its first experience with BLÜCHER's roof drainage system, but definitely not its last. Michael Vangsgaard, Plumbing Contract Manager at WICOTEC KIRKEBJERG, says about the experience:

”As an experiment, WICOTEC KIRKEBJERG has used stainless steel BLÜCHER pipes for the roof drainage installation in the expansion of Aabenraa Sygehus. Our experience tells us that this is not the last time we will be doing that. 

We were a bit sceptical regarding the installation, as stainless steel pipes need to be cut on a machine that is set up. So it was not possible to shorten the pipes on the lift, as you can with plastic pipes. But we have only heard positive feedback from our installers, as the remainder of the installation is significantly faster than when using heating elements/electric welding. It only takes a pipe joint clamp to make the installation tensile. 

We also have a nicer and more stable installation with BLÜCHER pipes, as they, as opposed to plastic pipes, do not bend out of shape during storage. This means that the pipes do not ”twist” in the support, BLÜCHER pipes stay straight.

Our scepticism concerning costs when choosing BLÜCHER turned out to be unwarranted, as the additional material cost was saved by the shorter installation time. So we must say that we are very satisfied with BLÜCHER as a supplier for roof drainage systems and we can give our best recommendations to others.”

Project facts
Developer: Region Syddanmark
Achitect: aarhus arkitekterne and Creo arkitekter
Advisor: Alectia, Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma, Balslev and Oluf Jørgensen
Size: app. 26.000 m2 (Phase 1)

Products: BLÜCHER® Drain Roof, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe, BLÜCHER® Channel og BLÜCHER® Drain Domestic

Construction period: 2012-2013 (Phase 1) 
Location: Aabenraa, Denmark