BLÜCHER® Roof Drainage Supports an Enlarged Warehouse in Germany

When a large food market planned an additional logistic center and warehouse in Landsberg/Saalekreis, Germany, they doubled the storage and logistics area, and so doubled the roof area. This meant they needed a quick and effective drainage system for rainwater.


BLÜCHER won this project by providing a complete stainless steel roof drainage system. 


Project Challenge

The challenge for BLÜCHER was to plan the required roof drainage to work as a siphonic (vacuum) system, which succeeded. BLÜCHER® Drain Roof offers the necessary roof drainage, and BLÜCHER® EuroPipe provides a wastewater pipe system. Together, they provide a complete roof drainage system.

In addition, all BLÜCHER products are made of stainless steel and, therefore, are not combustible. 


Other advantages of the BLÜCHER system include:

•       No corrosion

•       Resistance to sun, wind, and weather for decades

•       Compact design, but with a larger or equal flow capacity than comparable systems made of other materials. The roof penetrations are smaller, thus, the roof is less stressed.

•       Less weight than other metallic systems. This also contributes to the relief of the roof structure, but above all, it facilitates assembly and saves labor.

•       Easier and quicker to assemble. This is an advantage of BLÜCHER® EuroPipe, which has significantly lower weight than other metallic systems.


Installed in this project were BLÜCHER® Drain Roof drainage DN50 and DN70, as well as pipes and fittings from dimensions DN40 to DN200.


Learn more about our roof drainage solutions and BLÜCHER® EuroPipe.


To get more information about this project please contact Bernd Dieter Euschen, Manager Director, BLÜCHER, Germany.


Project facts:

Products: BLÜCHER® Drain Roof, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe

Location: Landsberg/Saalekreis, Germany