Case story Ängöl (HygienicPro)

Having brewed beer at home in his basement for several years, Håkan Johansson made a business out of his hobby in 2010 and started the local microbrewery Ängöl in a townhouse located on the small island Ängö in Kalmar, Sweden. Beer from microbreweries has increased enormously in popularity during the last years, and business has been good for Ängöl, so good that they now in 2016 have outgrown their townhouse on Ängö and moved to larger facilities in Kalmar.


At the new address on the mainland, Ängöl was in a need for high quality drainage. In a meeting with the brewery, the real estate owner, the contracting company Multibygg and the plumbing company Förlösa Rör, BLÜCHER was invited to demonstrate the best possible drainage solution. The overall reception of the Hygienic Pro drain was very positive. Extra appreciated features were the high capacity filter basket which would collect hops and malted grain from the beer production, the easy cleaning and the hygienic aspect provided by the open sides gratings with rounded corners, and the edge infill of the frame of the drain, minimizing the risk of deformation to the frame and flooring cracks, which helps to secure a maintained hygiene. Also the efficient flow and the easy installation of the drain contributed to why BLÜCHER Hygienic Pro became the first hand choice for Ängöl.


“I was surprised by how quick and easy the drain was to install”, says Simon Hansson at Förlösa Rör who was responsible for the installation of the drain.

“It all went very smoothly”, he continues, “And the products delivered from BLÜCHER were easy to work with”.


Project facts:

Customer: Ängöl

Contractor: Multibygg

Plumbing: Förlösa Rör

Products: BLÜCHER Hygienic Pro and BLÜCHER Channel 677

Size of premises: approx. 1500 m²

Timeline: February-June 2016

City: Kalmar, Sweden

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